A cracked mirror case repair to a Golf Gti in Sutton In Ashfield

This week I was called out to repair a lovely Volkswagen Golf Gti whose mirror casings were getting old.  On the drivers side, the traditional Red Golf colouring had faded and cracked into a number of different sections and it really didn’t look too good, especially when the rest of the car had a nice overall finish to it’s paintwork.

These kind of paint repair jobs are nice to do because they are relatively inexpensive, and really help enhance the car when complete.

As usual, the first job is to prepare the area by masking off surrounding paintwork and of course the mirror itself.  Once this was done, the paintwork had to be taken down and made good, in preparation for the next few stages.

Unfortunately I didn’t capture any pictures of this mirror case paint repair job but the customer was very pleased with the result.  Sutton in Ashfield is easily within my field of work in which I travel and cover.

The end result is that of course, a good paint job means that a vehicle tends to retain a stronger value when it comes to resale, and that’s what puts a sense of satisfaction within me each time I complete one of my many paint repair and alloy wheel repair jobs.

Feel free to text or email or call me on 07943 731 711.  I’d be happy to tell you a price for your car, no matter how small or big the work may be.  If I can do it then I will let you know.




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